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Wheat Field

Prayer Ministry Course (PMC)

Take time away from everyday life to focus on your personal walk with the Lord and experience more of God’s love, healing, and life.  PMCs are held at various locations and run for five days (usually Wednesday afternoon to Sunday afternoon).  

PMCs include segments of:

     -  Teaching times of WTC principles
     -  Personal prayer and reflection
     -  In-depth prayer ministry for each participant
     -  Listening prayer/prayer vigil
     -  Walking with Jesus teaching

You are encouraged during periods of teaching and reflection to listen to the Lord as He reveals areas of brokenness to which He wants to minister.  You will have an extended time of personal and confidential ministry into these areas of brokenness, usually with a male and female team member.  We rely on the Holy Spirit as we share, pray and listen in an atmosphere of gentleness, love, and trust.  You are not subjected to any form of psychological assessment or technique, nor asked to do anything against your will.  A second PMC participant may also be present in your personal prayer ministry for intercessory prayer support.

You also have the privilege of taking part in prayer vigils, where in a group you will lovingly support other participants during their times of personal prayer ministry. Prayer vigils are led by a team member and you will receive valuable teaching along with opportunity to practice listening and praying in a safe learning environment.  


The final phase of the PMC teaches you how to continue walking with Jesus in the new life you have experienced throughout the course.  You will be encouraged to walk with Him in increasing intimacy, faith, and obedience.  Those participating in a PMC also receive the 21 Days of Encouragement, a daily email for three weeks recapping the WTC teaching and principles, and offering exercises to deepen one's faith. 

We are open to holding PMCs at new venues – please see our brochure for more information and/or please contact our Administrator if you are interested in having a PMC in your area.

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