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Wheat Field
Wheat Field

Board - Chairperson

Liesel has always had a heart for people and when she first came to WTC in 1999, not only was she personally impacted deeply by the love of God, but she also found a ministry style that felt to her “like coming home.”

WTC’s gentle, insightful and life-changing ministry was an instant fit for her. During the years in which she raised her family and owned and managed small businesses, she made sure to annually schedule her attendance at a WTC course or school.

Liesel is grateful to be a part of the WTC ministry team since 2006 and the Board since 2014, and looks forward to more of the goodness of God making its way into her life and the ministry. Liesel currently offers spiritual direction, works part-time in the Community Services department of her municipality, shares life at home and in business with her husband, and recently fulfilled a dream to return to school to complete a Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation.

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